Luca is an engineer of over 20 years of experience in important industrial groups. Luca has worked in Fiat, Getronics and Gavio Group.


During his working experience in different contexts, Luca has developed the idea that being sustainable is first of all a way of thinking and living the corporate life and the everyday life.


Luca has matured the conviction that there is still a long way to go, especially in the context of Italian small and middle companies, so that companies can be truly sustainable.

Luca, has decided to start a new challenge by providing his skills acquired over time to increase the sustainability of companies.

Luca believes that Sustainability is very important and it is also very important the leadership of people who manage the companies. Luca likes to work on sustainability themes. He wants to introduce the culture of the Sustainability in the companies.


Luca has attended a lot of courses to improve his know-how in Quality, Environment, Safety, Information Security, Risk Management.

Luca has developed in VANCE the concept " Risk Management and System Integration".


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