A new vision of human resources can not ignore the risk analysis. Every organizational role is part of a business process that has risks. It is necessary to take into account such risks for people's management and change management (recruitment, job change and other processes).

We have developed a method for a risk based HR management. It is an innovative approach that analyses human resource management differently, placing it at the heart of sustainability and organizational development strategies. From a Risk Assessment, we create a map of all the organization risks. We can join any process of the organization with some risks and with the functions that are involved in the process. We can also obtain a correlation between the risk of the function and the job requirements for that function in order to use these informations for example in change management activities such as changes in the organizational structure, job searching and so on.


This approach can bring out not only skills and abilities of the people but other personal aspects, such as interests, aspirations, personal attitudes. These important factors that determine the professionalism and success in the role generally become strategic for the roles in which Risk Management is rilevant.


We can also help organizations to define HR perfomances on ESG (environmental, social, economical) variables.

We think that the people of the companies are an important asset for the success of a "sustainability plan".


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