Some operational advantages are:

  • Cost Reduction;
  • Better operational effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Better risk reduction and mitigation;
  • True external communication;
  • Better Human Resources engagement;
  • More attention for the future "core business" opportunities and less  to the operational processes.

Some other opportunities are:

  • A more simple process to digitalize the management system and to use a unique ICT software management system;
  • A more simple certification process in accordance with national and international standards;
  • Wider opportunities to enter the company in the rating of «integrated governance» of the   financial indexes;
  • A more simple access to financial incentives related for example to the DSG goals and national laws;
  • Better investor engagement;
  • The reduction of the prices of the Insurance programs of company;
  • Increased Reputation and Brand Value;
  • Better external stakeholders engagement.
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