Audit is the base for the implementation and maintenance of any effective and efficient management system. The method followed is the ISO 19011 standard that allows you to test any process and management schema with a full and organized approach.


We prefer to use an integrated approach to audit the companies processes and functions. We believe that it is important, also in this activity, to integrate all the items in order to have a full integrated vision of the company and its monitoring system.


We can do any type of audit to verify the "sustainability" and the compliance of the ISO management systems such as:

- Quality;

- Environment;

- Safety;

- Information Security;

- Data privacy;

- Business Continuity and Asset Protection.


We can also do audits for specific aspect such as:

- Due Diligence on technical projects or acquisition/disposal of business unit projects;

- Fraud investigation and other verifications on the corporate governance and compliance;

- Financial reporting audit;

- Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability reporting audit.

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