We think that there are two important aspects to take into account to integrate the sustainability into business:


- The business model;


- A systemic approach for the integration.


It is important to create a map of the business model of the company and its correlations with sustainability variables.


A systemic approach is important to integrate various components of the business by reducing duplication and internal silos and increasing positive behaviours focused on long-term success.


In sinthesys it is important to have an "Integrated Thinking" approach.


This approach helps the companies to align strategy to value creation and performances with an attenction to sustainability goals.


We also think that there are some other important aspects to take into account:

-  The leadership of the CEO in the sustainability action plan;


-  The organization infrastructure (Strategy, processes, culture).


The five pillars of our advisory are designed on these principles.


We centred our activities on a strong committment from the CEO and top management in order to spread the culture of sustainability in all the company.


Human Resources are the strategic asset of the sustainability action plan.  Against the resilience of the people to innovation and sustainability changes it is important the training into all levels of organization.

















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