The advisory approach is based on the integration of some aspects that are standardized by ISO or other standards (Quality, Safety, Environment, Information security and data protection, compliance, business continuity).


In the integration plan it is important to consider all the common processes of the company such as: Risk Management, Human Resources Management, Internal Audit, Reporting  and Training.


A clear strategy and objectives to improve the value of organization are the base of an effective sustainability plan. It is also useful to think how to integrate in the business model of the company the SDG goals (sustainable development goals).

In sinthesys a company should implement two goals:


- Business goals;


- SDG goals.


An approach of SDG goals integrated into business is centred on:


- A systemic and olistic approach to frameworks for sustainable development where macro horizontal themes are connected with vertical tradictional siloes;


- The balancing of the three dimensions of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental) within goals, target sets and individual targets.


The first step for the integration is the risk assessment that permits to analyse the most important risks of the company in order to define a strategy to mitigate them for manteining the sustainability of the organization during the time.

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